I participated in 3 online workshops with Ulrike. Each time I acquired new knowledge about myself. I love her drumming and guidance in the journeys. I highly recommend her workshops! - Vania

Yearlong Training in Animism

Ulrike is an authentic, grounded and humble teacher. I found her to be truly devoted to teaching Animism in a way to positively impact our lives and the planet. She teaches from a place that facilitates independence, self growth and self reliance, rather than dependence on a teacher or spiritual guru. Ulrike has a unique ability to translate animistic wisdom so that it is accessible to anyone who is looking for personal and spiritual growth. For me, it was quite illuminating and helped to pull me out of a spiral and plant my feet firmly. I’ve done lots of work prior, with other teachers, therapists, workshops, programs, courses, etc but I really needed this structured and outlined plan, to heal spiritually. - Catherine

I have recently completed Ulrike's Yearlong Shamanic Living program. I recall our last session - sitting in a tall grass field, feeling the sun and the wind on my face, two mares grazing near by, eagles circling above us. I recall how incredibly present and peaceful I felt at that moment, so connected to myself, so gentle and embracing, so loving of who I was at that moment. It was a big, life-changing year for me. A journey of self-discovery. A journey to Self-Love and Self-Trust - two foundation stones for my own healing. And then there were invaluable lessons on boundaries, accountability, finding my voice, and witnessing my scared, insecure inner little girl finding her ground and learning how to take care of herself, learning how to become the sovereign adult. And I never thought I had so much courage in me! :) What made Ulrike's program so appealing for me is her ability to hold safe, supportive and the most encouraging space where the main "rule" was to look for the answers within myself. It was just the right medicine for my confirmative upbringing. Plus, I just love her matter-of-fact humorous ways, her soothing, caring, compassionate presence and her fierce dedication to serving the greater good of this beautiful planet. Thank you! - Kristina

I’ve known Ulrike for several years now, and studied with her in her Shamanic Living year-long training. This was an invaluable program in understanding and practicing modern day shamanism. In our monthly training I developed strong journeying skills, forged relationships with my ancestral spirit guides, built a power bundle of sacred stones and objects, and birthed a spirit rattle. Ulrike’s compassionate nature and skilled teaching helped me to discover my unique strengths and connect to my highest potential. I have grown and changed immeasurably over the course of this program, and I highly recommended it to anyone seeking shamanic training. It is a powerful, life-changing path. - JL Lori

I found the Shamanic training led by Ulrike to be fascinating, deeply spiritual and everything that I had hoped it would be before starting down the path. I found that whatever I put into the sessions as to how deep I went, I always received much more from Ulrike and my fellow student peers. I highly recommend the Shamanic training with Ulrike to anyone who is in search of a deeper meaning of life. - John M.

Yearlong Priestess Training

I have completed the yearlong training, the Path of the Priestess, with Ulrike. I remember my reservations at the intro session - I was feeling a bit skeptical about the words "priestess" and "goddess" and thought it was a current trend in the spiritual community. I couldn't even define the Priestess in my own words... but something was drawing me in. An ancient call, that I felt more in my body and in my dreams, than in my mind. I am very grateful to myself for listening to this call and for taking this opportunity to learn, to grow and to heal. This was a powerful, powerful year of getting in touch with my personal power, with my intuition, with my body, and with my authentic self. I have shifted some core limiting beliefs about myself and about what I can and cannot have. Looking back at it now, I can honestly say it was a life changing experience for me. I looooooved being in the circle with other women - courageous, vulnerable, searching, doing their work; witnessing and supporting each other and expressing their truths. Ulrike is an incredible teacher - intuitive, open, compassionate, fair and down to Earth. I've learnt so much just through witnessing her doing her work and hearing the story of her own journey. I feel at peace in my own body. I feel curious and joyful about myself. I feel inspired and not afraid to take the risks. And I feel grateful to Ulrike, to all my Sisters, to all my Teachers and Compassionate Guiding Spirits and to Myself for the support, patience, and for teaching me Love. - Kristina

I am so happy that I became an initiate in the tradition of the 13th House Mystery School through the “Year and A Day” dedication to The Goddess training with [Ulrike]. It was so rejuvenating to my body and Soul as I walked, for 13 months, remembering the source of my sovereignty with the teachings of inner work supported by my Attuning Goddess. The work went deep but with the support of Ulrike and the Circle it moved with grace. Thank you Ulrike, for all that you do and for creating a program that allows scared teachings to be accessible and remembered once more. Blessings to you. -  Marra, CIEHP and Shaman in the Q’ero Tradition

Shamanic group healing rituals

Ulrike has a strong presence and her shamanic rituals allowed me to get in touch to deep places within me. She challenges you just enough so that you can get there, and yet she is gentle and very caring. Thank you Ulrike, you are a very powerful Shaman! - LDP

Ulrike, I want to take a moment to thank you very much for the shamanic ceremonies this past weekend. You have a great talent of knowing when to ask questions and what questions to ask to help draw out feelings and emotions that I may not have otherwise realized. You have helped transform my life and I feel grounded and have more self-realization. I am blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you so very much! - Nicole

I love Ulrike’s sense of humour and her directness. It can be scary but is so important when doing this work. - Larraine

I would like to thank you for being a part of my healing journey this weekend. I feel blessed to have a Shaman/Healer like you along my path in life. I felt a huge energy shift in my body after processing with you. You are an amazing Shaman. You are very graceful and connected with the Elements. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, safe, and sacred healing space. The whole weekend felt so good and transformational, it was easy to open up and to go deep and feel and heal. I truly feel like I know my gifts now, more than I did before and I am inspired to step into my Souls purpose. I look forward to working with you again. - Larissa

Belief-Change Ritual 3-day retreat

A super transformative weekend and it was the missing puzzle piece to help me let go of old patterns! - Sean

[This retreat] helped me work on some things that have been holding me back for a long time. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in personal growth. - Tawny

Equine Wheel of Life 3-day retreat

I was lucky enough to attend Ulrike’s Equine Wheel retreat in June, and it was a surprisingly profound experience. Such simple teachings that allow you to really delve into your own heart. Ulrike’s facilitation, guidance and support was invaluable. I really appreciated her down-to-earth approach in bringing us all together, her good humour, and incredible kindness. She has such a calm, kind, and grounded energy, it truly was an honour to learn from her. - Kate

Equine Healing for Stress 1-day retreat

Thank you, Ulrike, for yesterday. The horses were lovely and very kind to us all. The farm is in a picturesque location and set a beautiful background for the revealing work with your horses. It is an opening to what may be deeper inside of me and I am grateful for the opportunity to know more about the self. I am sure there would be many who could benefit from your workshop. - Lesley

Private sessions with the horses

If you have stumbled upon Ulrike like I did consider it a blessing. Take action and book a session, you will thank yourself! She helped me get clear on what it is I truly want and assisted in translating my deepest emotions. I feel a mental blockage has been removed and I am feeling more confident in expressing who I truly am. - Megan

I had an intuitive session with Ulrike and the horses. I felt quickly drawn into the present moment. My mind went quiet and my heart stared talking. Ulrike was really supportive and her guidance through the session was resonating with me. Great Experience!  - Jérome

After an hour and a bit of a session, sitting on lawn chairs next to Florita and Shoko, I was feeling greatful and the younger of the two mares was eating hay. All of a sudden she stopped, walked the two steps over to me and for more than a few moments I experienced what I describe as being lip-nibbled on the top of my head. My crown chakra was being horse-kissed by a beautiful and sacred expression of the Divine! This experience I deem profound. I feel like I was welcomed in to the Horse Tribe. Urike is very confident, very thorough, and I recommend her to anyone desiring the results of therapy by horse and of her shamanic ability. - Clint