The Foundation

In this introductory workshop you will learn the foundational skill of shamanism, the shamanic trance journey.

Journeying is the ability to enter into an altered state of consciousness, or shamanic trance, to access the alternate reality of the Otherworld. You will learn to journey to drumbeat and meet your Power Animal, or Animal Guide. You will find out how to connect with this guide later on your own to gain insight into important life issues and receive suggestions for living an animistic life in Right Relationship so you can return your life to balance.

Shamanic Trance

Journeying means to enter into altered state of consciousness, also called a shamanic trance. 

Power Animal

Your Power Animal is your primary spiritual guide. It is also called Spirit Animal or Animal Totem.

Right Relationship

Shamanic living means to live in "right relationship" with the natural world.

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